Reading Glasses for Eye Strain – Gamma Ray Glasses

It is very common if your eyes are aching after a long use of computer. If you are facing the same, then give those eyes a break with the help of Eagle Eyewear Computer Glasses. The lenses are amber-tinted and also have an anti-glare coating over it. This effectively helps to ease the strain put on your eyes. It also prevents headaches when you are playing games for a long time in front of the monitor. These glasses have special UV protective lenses which effectively block the harmful radiations from the digital screens. These computers glasses are not all flimsy and cheap like you mostly see in the market. They are made of stainless steel which is highly durable and can be used daily without any problem. They are also highly comfortable in wearing as it has adjustable nose pads and is quite light in weight. So, you can wear it for long hours and also carry and store it in its sturdy case.
· Blocks ultra-violet light: The glasses are more superior and powerful than other brands and have deeper tints. This is to offer better protection against the harsh blue ray emitted from digital screens.

· Anti-glare coating to reduce strain: These glasses come with special lens coating which can reduce the eye strain for the people who works in front of computer for a long period of time. Thus, it also helps in preventing headaches.

· Lightweight and durable frames: The frames are made of stainless steel which are highly durable and can last you for a long time. The shock resistant polycarbonate lenses can last for a longer time that those usual plastic ones.

· Suitable for long wear: It comes with adjustable nose pads and the super light weight of the glasses makes it highly comfortable to wear for long hours.

· 100% money refund guarantee: After buying the glass, if you are not happy with it then you can let us know within 1 year of your purchase. You will be refunded the full amount immediately.

The glasses are so good that once you wear this, you will not look at the digital screens without wearing this.

I got the glasses yesterday that I ordered. The shipping was really fast and when I opened the package the first thing I noticed was the case. It is exceptionally sturdy just like the one I had from Ray Ban. It was beyond expectation and thus made me quite happy. Even the cloth provided by them for cleaning the lenses is really good in quality. Talking about the glasses, they are really nice in looks as well as light in weight. They look very stylish and not at all cheap like other glasses I have seen. The yellow tint in the glass works really great in reducing the glare. I wore it for working in front of my laptop and didn’t feel the strain in my eyes even after long time. Overall the glasses are really impressing. I will love to recommend it to my friends and even to everyone who work for a long time in front of laptop or PC.

These glasses are really superb in its function. My eyes feel relaxed even after long computer uses. The lenses are of superior quality. It is light in weight and comes with well-manufactured hard case.

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