Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk new

Despite all the negative reviews I had come across, I took a long shot and bought the desk anyways. I was looking for an easy to transport and set up desk that was sturdy and spacious enough to hold my belongings and was traditional too. Although other reviews scared me about missing and broken parts, I was lucky enough to get a desk and to my utmost surprise, it did exceed all my expectations as well. It was delivered to me as brand new and the set up was easy too.

The package on delivery felt a little bit hefty and that made it a little bit uneasy to carry it inside. But once the package was cut open, I found out that it was the detachable top surface board that was weighing me down and when you assemble the whole thing, it isn’t that heavy at all. It can be easily carried around and is a one person job. The separate frame is easily foldable and light weighted and the two pieces can easily be carried up and around quite easily. This made me love this desk even more as all the previous ones I owned were far much heavier and to move them, it always required hired help.

Anyone who needs a durable, handy and manageable work-station, I would like to recommend this product from my experience.

It justfies with its advertisement that promised:

A moveable table
Easily foldable within just 30 seconds
Takes up a minimal space
Long lasting
Light in weight
Aligned at suitable height for effortless writing
Extremely spacious and could afford laptops, desktop items and much more
Has a comforting foot rest
Trustworthy and fast delivery

It justifies its cost. I had it delivered to me for my son back in August 2014. Even though it has been a while, it stills stand strong supporting my son’s 32-inch flat screen monitor, x-box 360 and what not. I assembled it myself with no extra help and am even proud to admit that I assembled it within 10 minutes. I even shifted to another place to stay and was so glad to find it fit right into the trunk of my mazda.

It comes in white color as well but the white one does not have a spacious bottom rack. As a consumer, I am loyal to this brand and hope they come up with far better wooden desks in future. The shipping and delivery time is appraisable. Although I live far away from their company warehouse, items still arrive at my doorstep sooner than expected. For example, I am a Californian resident and many of my purchased items come from Nevada within a day. For this matter alone, I would love to purchase yet another one.

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