Gunnar Optiks Video Gaming Glasses 2016


Get rid of glare using the only patented gaming eyewear available today that has been recommended by doctors to protect as well as enhance your vision using specially designed lenses which feature proprietary tints and coatings known to block glare, UV and high-energy blue light.

Weighing just 35 grams, these amazing lightweight glasses are perfectly balanced to eliminate pressure points as well as combat eye strain. The glasses feature Amber tint lens which makes them excellent for gamers.

The glasses’ full rim frame and 132 millimeter temples are made using injection polymer to make them lightweight, durable, increase their optical stability as well as enhance their visual detail.

It is advisable to keep the glasses perfectly in place with the multi-barrel hinges and 18mm bridge to create the rotational stability needed for a long-lasting fit. A rigid lens mounting area prevents optics from degrading during lens flexing.

These advanced gaming glasses have a wide fit and feature nose rests which eliminate pressure points and ensure even weight distribution. The glasses also come with a limited warranty covering defects for a one year period after purchase.

GUNNAR Optiks Intercept Gaming Glasses

GUNNAR Optiks’s Intercept Gaming Glasses reduce eye strain and boost visual performance for individuals with 20/20 corrected or 20/20 vision. The glasses feature engineering grade injection polymers which offer unmatched dimensional stability as well as long term durability. The glasses also feature curved temples (arms) which have been designed to offer rotational stability which is crucial for a long comfortable long-lasting fit. The glasses also have an intercept with a wide fit frame suitable for a variety of face shapes. Anyone can wear these glasses comfortably regardless of the shape of their face. The intercept has a lens width of 59mm, a bridge width of 18mm and a temple length of 132 mm.


· Prevents irritation, dry eye and sharpens detail to reduce eye strain

· Distortion-free optics ensuring lasting clarity in a lightweight and durable form

· Filters UV and blue light to enhance contrast as well as protects the eyes

· Reduces glare to get rid of distraction and stress

GUNNAR Patented Lens Technology

GUNNAR’s patented lens technology has been designed and engineered to satisfy the most demanding visual needs of today’s digital generation. GUNNAR’s lens design reduces air currents close to the eye, increases humidity and prevents irritation. The design enhances focus while sharpening detail which in turn eases eye strain. The lens’s high-index material gets rid of distortions caused by impurities as well as haze present in inferior materials to offer the clearest images possible. Also, their ultra-light but durable performance optics will not degrade over time.

GUNNAR’s proprietary lens tint block UV light while filtering blue light to enhance contrast while protecting the eye. The resulting spectrum replicates natural light minimizing visual stress. The premium lens coating gets rid of reflective light and glare which in turn eliminates visual stress and distraction. The lens also features a hard external coating which extends the durability of the lens by enhancing the capability to resist scratches.

Lastly, it is worth noting that GUNNAR’s computer and gaming glasses also come with custom-made prescription lenses for those individuals who require custom lenses.

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