Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair

Do you love listening to quality music with deep rich bass? Are you searching for a system that will take your movie watching experience to another level? If yes then RC-5 music system is what you have been looking for. Build using the latest technology, this surround system will ensure that you have an amazing time when watching your favorite movie or music. Equipped with full range stereo speakers and double foam padding for additional comfort, this system, will give you rich quality sound that is free from external interference. A rumble sub woofer will supply rich quality bass and an intuitive audio control system will ensure that you have total control over the system.


2.1 surround sound.

This system is equipped with 2 high quality surround speakers that delivers quality sound to ensure that you enjoy watching movies and listening to music. The speakers have a surround system that allows you to enjoy loud sound without disturbing your neighbors.

Quality rich bass

This system has an in built rumble sub woofer that delivers rich quality bass and vibration feedback. The sub woofer not only delivers rich quality bass but it also allows you to have a better experience when watching movies. You will actually feel every blast that comes out of the system.

Audio control panel

Unlike other system that does not have an audio control system, this system will allow you to enjoy playing your favorite game with rich quality sound to make it even more lively and enjoyable. All that you need to do to enjoy this feature is an input/output jack pin for further connectivity.

15 adjustable tilt

RC-5 is one of the few systems that allows you adjust the reclinement angle to ensure that you get maximum comfort especially when playing your favorite game.

Multi system compatibility

This system is compatible with TVs, MP3 and ipods. In addition to that, its multi format capabilities will enable you to enjoy playing your favorite game regardless of the platform that you use.

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