Best Mobile & Compact Complete Computer

As a parent, I was looking for study desk that is comfortable but consumes less space for my college student. I found this desk is perfect for him because it does not consumes much space and it gives him privacy that he really needs especially when studying. This desk is also very easy to move around. It is the perfect desk for him because it is able to satisfy his needs such are keeping books, printer, laptop as well as other accessories. I definitely recommend this desk to anyone who wants quality studying desk but has limited space and budget.

This desk is sturdy enough to hold my 27 inch mac nicely. In fact, am writing this review from this desk. In addition to holding my mac nicely, it also gives me enough space to type and write. Another thing that I really found amazing about this desk is the fact that it can be moved around so easily. Unlike the past where I had to worry about space when a friend visited me, nowadays I no longer have stress because I can easily move this desk out of my room to create more space.

What I really liked about this desk is that fact that it is very easy to assemble. It only took me roughly one hour to assemble all by myself. The only part that I found challenging was connecting the two metal panels together but if I had someone to help, the process could have been easier. However the rest of the process is straight forward and easy.

I liked the fact that all tools needed to assemble this amazing desk are included in the package. When I read reviews from other people, they said that this package missed important tools such as small metal wrench and a screw driver but that is not true. In fact, I was surprised that the package had extra set of screws. All holes the perfectly drilled and most of the coated particle board pieces had a metal reinforce and pre drilled holes. All that I needed was elbow grease and a little bit of patience when putting the screw on the casters. The keyboard stand is not only sturdy but is also very strong to a point where I can comfortably lean on my wrist when typing.

I don’t like its graphite color, it is not solid and it looks dark gray from far.

The bottom shelf of this desk is study and it usually hold my printer well thus giving me enough space to raise the lid in order to scan.

I am very happy with this this purchase. It was good purchase and definitely worth every single coin that I spent. I advise other shoppers to take their time when reading directions as well as use their common sense when assembling and everything will be fine.

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