Best Jelly Comb Large Gaming Desk New Reviewed

It is durable and user-friendly – The stitched edge makes certain that the risk of fraying or falling apart is minimized or nonexistent. The waterproof, silky smooth coating makes for a console that provides less resistance as compared to similar mouse pads.

Made for the Professional Gamer – It provides excellent CONTROL and SPEED during gaming given that it is optimized for fast movement. This is enabled by the smooth platform that offers precise aiming capabilities and predictable control from steady interaction with the mouse sensors.

Material made for Humans – The mouse gaming pad is made of top quality non-slip rubber that prevents slipping of the mouse and provides you with a steady grip.

Remarkably Large Pad – Coming in at a standard 33.6”*22.8”*0.13” the big size mat is made for business oriented tasks or professional gaming. With two phone kickstands, it offers an ease of multitasking that no other pad does (FaceTime Calls and reading of texts are a breeze with this pad).

Best Surface Design – Provides the best response times, quick and accurate control, and easy mouse movements from a silky smooth cloth surface.

There is nothing like this mouse pad in the market. You have to see it to believe it. It is quite an impressive piece of art! I had grown tired of the small standard mouse pads that make you mouse over the edges, which can be very frustrating particularly when in the middle of a game. This pad makes certain that the mouse will stay put on the mouse pad. The second awesome attribute of this pad is that you get two kickstands on which to rest your devices when you are on the computer. This makes it easy to work on the computer without necessarily checking up on the phone the whole time.

The seller got the item to me really quick as I got it in two days on Amazon Prime. However, I have one gripe about the shipping: the mouse pad came conveniently folded which is a good thing, except for the fact that it is impossible to get the creases out no matter how much I try. However, this does not reduce the effectiveness of the mouse in any way. It is only aesthetically less pleasing, and to tell the truth, it is quite an eyesore if you are a perfectionist. It would probably be too expensive to ship it in a box or tube to prevent the creasing, though I would suggest the same if the seller could afford it.

At 22.75” in length and 34” wide it is a good fit for the three desks I have tried it on. However, most of my desks (as the pictures show) are what I would consider standard small office size desks with the biggest 20” in length and 36” wide. It lays flat on all of the desks and is a perfect width wise fit. Nonetheless, I have to pull it up and rest the top part of the pad on the wall by pulling it up to make it fit length-wise.

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