Best Anti-Blue Ray Computer Reading Glasses

Main Features

· Extra durable eco-friendly plastic frames

· Lab custom “sharper vision” lenses made in Los Angeles and featuring the highest optical quality

· Tinted to protect your eyes from computer glare and eye strain while keeping you alert and focused on your work

· Non-polarized lenses that deliver sharp vision by cutting Blue Rays and UV to prevent contrast reduction

· Free hard case and microfiber cleaning cloth/pouch included with each frame

If you suffer from eye strain, these are the perfect glasses for you. It’s time to deal with your eye strain problem once and for all while updating your look with these fun and stylish computer glasses. The glasses come with or without reading glasses magnification. The glasses also come with the highest quality lenses available today. The glasses are also tinted to reduce glare from your computer screen as well as alleviate eye strain.

We hand make these lenses in our Los Angeles lab to ensure all of our glasses go out looking great. Rather than using distorted acrylic lenses with poor optics, we use the finest materials only like those found in major prescription lens brands like zeiss, hoya and essillor. Our lenses don’t scratch easily. They also offer amazingly clear optics so you can say goodbye to headaches caused by poorly made drugstore reading glasses. The glasses will definitely be the best computer glasses you’ve ever owned.

The frames also stand out. They are extremely durable and look stylish thanks to the high-tech recyclable plastic we have used to make them. The frames also come in a variety of colors so you don’t have to settle for common colors like black.

The glasses also come with a hard case to protect them from damage while in storage. You can have fun and move freely with the glasses in your bag or pocket without worrying about damaging them. The hard case is capable of protecting the glasses from all kinds of damage. Lastly, the glasses also come with a microfiber cleaning cloth pouch to keep them safe and ensure the lenses are clear at all times.

Top Customer Reviews

I don’t think there is anything magical about computer glasses. The yellow tint gets rid of the blue light emitted by a computer screen. When this happens, the contrast is increased. This, in turn, reduces eyestrain. As far as I can tell, the rest is just your own personal preference for magnification.

As a regular “book distance” reader, I have been sitting to close to my screen which probably contributed to my eye fatigue. It is, therefore, important to figure out the magnification you need for a screen that is about 2 feet away since the distance will be less than you need for a book.

By Lindsay on December 2, 2014

These glasses are perfect. The frames are much better than what I had anticipated. They are not made of cheap plastic like most computer glasses. Also, my eyes feel much more relaxed now every time I wear them while using my computer. The tint is just the right amount. The glasses may not be as stylish as Gunnar, however, they offer more value for money.

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